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Classic Wrist Wraps

Classic Wrist Wraps

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Our Classic Wrist Wraps are designed with stiff elastic and rubber to provide maximum support while stretching to fit desired tightness. Perfect for bench press, squatting, pressing, or push/press machines. Wraps are 23 inches long and 3 inches wide. 

Sizing: One size fits all

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
mallory guzzi
Not Suited for Powerlifting

Really wanted to love these. They are very soft and stretchy and don't give enough support for powerlifting. I've been using them about 2x per week since I got them 3 months ago and the soft side of the velcro has not held up well and is pulling apart as well.

Hailey Koenen
I liked them!

Those are really nice, high quality wraps. I use them in my heavy bench days and they have done great!

Amy Balson
Wanted to love them

I really wanted to love these but they were not heavy duty enough for powerlifting. These are extremely stretchy so if you like very light support these might work well for you. The thumb loop is across the whole strap which makes it very difficult to remove after wrapping as well unfortunately.