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Cotton Knee Wraps

Cotton Knee Wraps

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Our Cotton Knee Wraps are made from a cotton-elastic weave that offers support, warmth, and rebound for your lower body lifts. You have control over how you wrap them, allowing you to tailor the compression and tightness as needed!

To use, just wrap up and down over your knee, overlapping by about 2/3. When you reach the end of your wrap, pull up 2-3 bands, tuck the tail in, and you're good to go! If it's too tight, use less tension. If it's too loose, use more.

These knee wraps can be used by Olympic Weightlifters, off-season powerlifters, and general strength athletes.

Size  Bodyweight Best Use
Regular – About 7.5' in length 40-90kg Warmth, light support, snatch
Long – About 10.5' in length 63-105kg Extra support, clean & jerk, squat
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anders Brorsson

Cotton Knee Wraps

Jake Fralin
Knee wraps that slap

This is my second pair. Not because i needed more, i wanted more.

Edgar Villarreal
Sweet wraps

Arrived fast and with no problem 👍 overall quality is on point. I can comfortably lift heavy with these on.

Lauren M.

I’ve always used knee sleeves, but I love the versatility and support the wraps give. You’re able to adjust as needed.

Dianna Barajas
Beautiful and amazing!

These are great! I bought the lavender colored one. My sport is weightlifting and they make me feel so secure during my heavy lifts! Love them!