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Velcro Belt

Velcro Belt

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Our Velcro Belt is made from a polypropylene webbed body to give a sturdy yet flexible feel. It has a velcro strap and a steel buckle for a custom and optimal fit. This belt is great for total gym newbies, experienced lifters who like a lighter belt or olympic weightlifter (USAW compliant) who are looking for flexibility when doing snatches or clean & jerks.

Sizing is based on waist measurement. Do not use standard pant size to determine your belt size. Use a tape measure around natural waist, between hips and ribs. Belts are designed to fit tight around the waist.

  • 4" sturdy, flex-fit, nylon webbed body
  • Reinforced with foam sew-in
  • 3.75" velcro strap
  • Steel buckle for custom fit
  • Secure velcro spans 75% of length of belt

Note: This belt is 75% velcro, which means each size has a very large range of wiggle room.

Belt Size Waist Inches
XS 20-26
S 25-31
M 30-36
L 35-41
XL 40-46
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Marcia Berenson
Great belt

I’m a 59 yr old lifter chick with some thoracic/ rib issues where the thick belts can feel too uncomfortable for my anatomy. This belt is perfection-keeps me tight n right for squats & dead’s & is the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn.

Melida Lopez
Love it

I love this belt so much ch I’m getting another one!

Genesis Moreira

Velcro Belt

Love it

Love how soft and flexible it digging into skin or ribs.

Mark Ramirez
First belt= first love!

This is my first belt so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it’s easy to find the perfect fit and gives good feedback to make sure you are bracing properly. Let’s not forget how it looks because that is equally if not more important that function. White is a great color for lots of things. Cars, cars, whip cream, sunglasses, and now weightlifting belts! Keep it in your car and if you have to throw a quick outfit together you can pass it off as a conversation piece. Plus if you say the brand with a slight accent it will sound super fancy!