Meet Heaviko!

We're on a mission to create elite equipment for every lifter.

From hitting your first PR to a world champion total, Heaviko is the go-to source for quality support – made by your wiser, more washed up lifting buddies. 😉

  • Excellence

    We’re your favorite lifter’s favorite lifting company. Our products are worn by top tier lifters, and we believe everyone deserves elite equipment.

  • Team Work

    We’re like your local weightlifting club. Supportive to the champs, but accessible to newbies.

  • Creativity

    When you look good, you lift good. We understand how personal style improves confidence, and we’re here to provide designs that do that.

  • Durability

    Strong people last. Our products support you through your long lifting career.

Your washed up lifting buddies

AKA, Heaviko's founders:

Eric Szeto, Meg Gallgaher & Ryan Espiritu