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OSB Suede Prong Belt

OSB Suede Prong Belt

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Our Suede Prong Belt is 10 mm thick and 4 inches wide, designed to help you brace for heavy lifting. The stainless steel prong makes it easy to adjust on a day-to-day basis while giving you the utmost support. This special edition belt has "One Strong Bitch" embroidered on the inside of the belt so you can always be reminded of who you are before each big lift.

Sizing: Based on waist measurement. Do not use standard pant size to determine your belt size. Use a tape measure around waist, between hips and ribs. Belts are designed to fit tight around the waist. 

Size Inches
XS 20-24
S 24-28
M 28-32
L 32-36
XL 36-40
XXL 40-44
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Customer Reviews

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Hard to fit

Ita difficult to get the right fit because of the distance between the prongs. I think there is just a tad too much space in between and the tale doesn't bend enough to go through the loop so you end up with it sticking put in front. I find it often colliding with my weights and getting in the way.
It's pretty and very secure once you get it in place buy just doesn't work for me.
I think the velcro option would be better.

Emma Haddox
OSB Prong Belt

Absolutely love my Heaviko belt! I originally intended on purchasing the lever belt, but ultimately decided to go with the prong for more versatility. This provided the perfect amount of wiggle room I needed with my fluctuation of lifting times. I did take a day or two to break in before use, but overall high quality belt that is perfect for all experience levels/style of lifting!