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Fabric Knee Sleeves

Fabric Knee Sleeves

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Our Fabric Knee Sleeves take everything we love about our Cotton Knee Wraps and adds the consistency and wearability of a knee sleeve. Unlike a wrap that can be worn tighter or looser, these knee sleeves can be expected to provide regular light support and warmth day in and out.

Due to their consistency and fit, these are great for any lower body exercises, they excel over knee wraps for dynamic movements (lunges, split squats, etc.).

This pair of sleeves is perfect for Olympic weightlifters, Crossfitters, general strength athletes, off season powerlifters, or new lifters who are interested in sleeves but not sure if they're ready for a more compressive neoprene knee sleeve.

The below bodyweight recommendations are just suggestions, as these knee sleeves are very stretchy, and the size you select depends on how tight you personally prefer your sleeves. For example, if you’re 65kg, and like your knee sleeves to be snug with more compression, size down to a S; if you like them slightly looser for warmth and light support, size up to a M.

All Fabric Knee Sleeves come in a pair, and are 9.6" long (from top to bottom of knee sleeve).

XS | 40-60kg
S | 55-70kg
M | 65-85kg
L | 80-100kg
XL | 95-115kg
2XL | 105-120kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

I love them. Great quality and great support for my knees

Isabel Aguirre
Great knee sleeves!

I love the fabric and the amount of compression they give. They feel solid and I love using them. The only problem I encountered was that the first time I put them on, I heard one of the bands start cracking.

Jennifer Olsen
14 days hasn’t even shipped

The first pair I bought I was disappointed in. One was 2 inches shorter than the other knee sleeve. I thought, well, they are only $20 so I’ll buy another pair. It’s been two weeks and they have not even shipped.

Emily Sauer

Fabric Knee Sleeves

Ebonie C
Good product

I measure at a size large but I sized down, per the advice in the description, for added compression. I love the sleeves, I just hate that the threads on the hems of both pair that I bought started to come undone after just 1 or 2 uses. Other than that they are great! I wear every time I go to the gym now.